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DDS Student Study Groups Spring 2022

  • If you are interested in forming a study group with fellow DDS members use this sheet to connect with other members.


  • Please join the DDS GroupMe using this link to stay up to date on club activities and interact with members.

Local Dentists Who Have Welcomed Shadows in the Past

DAT – Dental Admissions Test

  • Some practice questions for each section to wet your palate.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to get registered and take the DAT, also gives you info on how to get sample tests.
  •  Lots of self-assessment quizzes to target your weaker subjects (never used this but would appreciate feedback from those who have)
  • Personal blog of a current dental student entailing his DAT preparation, dental school admissions process, and first years of dental school.  He’s very willing to help address any questions/concerns about anything pre-dental, definitely worth a look!
  • Check out Crack the DAT for great simulated tests (especially for the PAT)
  • Looking for a study tool for the DAT? Use our unique code uncpdhs19 for a discounted rate on DAT Bootcamp tools.

Dental Schools

  • Visit this website below to learn about the various dental schools across the US!
  • We will add links regarding the admissions process, various statistics about dental school, and applying to dental school. For now, check out this site, it has nearly every article imaginable including: the top 10 dental schools, the most expensive dental schools, gaining admissions into dental school, how to ace the DAT, the AADSAS, what to do during your “year-off”, what classes to take during undergrad, the future of dentistry, and many more!
  • Another helpful site with a ton links to brochures for anything you may have questions about