Service events are a great way to earn dental points toward DDS membership, explore dentistry, and network with other DDS members.  The following includes some dental and non-dental related volunteering opportunities that may count toward DDS dental points. It does not include everything and more information on select activities can be found below.

Please reach out to Lynn Zhou at with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding service!


  • Mariam Clinic in Cary
    • Mariam Clinic provides free health care to those who are struggling to make ends meet and cannot afford adequate medical care. Mariam Clinic provides services to adults (age 18+) who are at or below 200% of the poverty level who do not have any health insurance.
  • DDS dental bus event
  • SHAC clinics
  • NC MOM clinics
  • Shadowing dental professionals (5 hours of shadowing = ONE dental point!)
  • GKAs/Giving Smiles
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Global Dental Brigades SB trip
  • Supply drives (toothbrush, floss, etc)
  • Dentistry From the Heart
  • Dental Journal Club meetings
  • CAARE Clinics
  • Webinars on dental
    • must register as a dental student
    • submit certificate of completion to Lynn or Tala for 1 dental point!


  • Volunteer with PALS
    • Each year PALS creates inclusive summer camp experiences for people with and without Down syndrome through their overnight camps. Their program has a 1:1 pairing model that partners individuals with Down syndrome with a peer who does not have Down syndrome to experience a fun-filled, transformative week together. PALS is looking for 1:1 paired participants and volunteer leaders to help run the program.
  • Volunteers for Youth as a Community Mentor
    • Volunteers for Youth is an anti-racist organization. We are committed to
      identifying, discussing, and challenging issues of race and color. We are dedicated to dismantling racism. Our programs empower local youth and help them recognize their value and importance in the community. Volunteers for Youth connects Orange County youth to the community by cultivating their strengths, encouraging positive relationships, and developing their ability to make responsible choices.
  • Dental Articles (2 for 1 point)
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Any Campus 5K
  • Hospital Volunteering
  • Habitat for Humanity (if organized through DDS)
  • Cleft Palate Gallop
  • Ronald McDonald House workdays
  • T-shirt designs
  • Blood Donations
  • Trash Collection
  • Biking to Uganda
  • Dance Marathon (only 1 point regardless of hours)

Most Common DDS Activities:

SHAC: Student Health Action Coalition (dental)

SHAC provides the oral healthcare needs of those in Orange County whom cannot afford care elsewhere.  You can earn 1 dental point per hour volunteering

Location: Ground Floor of Tarrson Hall (UNC Dental School)

Hours: 6-9 PM What can you do?  Observe and translate.

What can you NOT do? Assist/perform any procedures regardless of how minor it may seem.

Before you sign-up, please read a document coming soon!  Note that DDS members need only read the section “Clinic Expectations.”

NC MOM: Missions of Mercy Clinics (dental)

MOM, an outreach program of the North CArolina Dental Society, is a portable free dental program benefiting those who cannot afford dental care elsewhere.  To learn more about these events and to sign-up with NCdental, please visit this site.

What can you do?  Observe and translate, but most importantly, help with anything you are asked to do.

When and where?  Dates and locations will be announced during meetings, through email, and on the DDS website under Events. Hours: 6am-6pm (usually Thursday-Saturday but you are not required to attend the duration of the event, it is recommended that you stay for the final clean-up)

Up to 12 dental points (for 12 hours!) can be earned for these events!

BTG: Bridging the Gap (dental)

Started in 2010, Bridging the Gap is an innovative mentor program led by two of our own DDS members who worked closely with DDS and the UNC School of Dentistry.  The program pairs pre-dental undergraduates from UNC with current UNC dental students.  Through the relationships built via this program, undergraduates are able to gain more insight and knowledge about dental school, applications, the DAT, and the field of dentistry.  Application forms are available at the beginning of each year through DDS listserv emails but spaces are limited.    You can earn 1 dental point per hour.


CORA in Chatham County (non-dental)

CORA is a nonprofit organization that serves local residents facing food insecurity. Our ultimate goal at CORA is to build a community without hunger by collecting and purchasing healthy food for distribution through our food pantry, related programs, and network of local partners.

To volunteer: fill out the form at the bottom of volunteer/ and attend one of their orientation sessions, where you will receive a tour of the pantry and learn about the work we do at CORA. Afterward, you can sign up for volunteer shifts.

Volunteer jobs include:

    • Service: Food Prep And Distribution, Client Intake, And Choice Assistant
    • Sort And Stock
    • Bagged Food Assembly
    • Retail Recovery
    • Nutrition Team Member
    • Admin Team Member
    • CORA Garden
    • Events Ambassador

To learn more about each job, go to opportunities/

RMH: Ronald McDonald House (non-dental)

RMH provides a setting for family and the community to flourish.  It offers care and support to families struggling with a child’s illness.  To learn more about this wonderful organization, please visit

What can we do?  We will have maintenance events (yard work, general cleaning, etc.) and brunch/dinner events that will be announced during meetings, through emails, and on this website under Events.

We also hold a supply drive for RMH each semester. Bring the supplies to a meeting or the office to get 1 non-dental point per bullet!  There is no limit on the number of points that you can earn.  The following supplies describe the size of the donation we would like to give per point.

    • 1 large container of Clorox wipes (must be this brand)
    • 1 large container of laundry detergent
    • 2 boxes of dryer sheets
    • 1 container of bleach
    • 3 rolls of paper towels
    • 2 large containers of  hand sanitizer
    • 2 containers of dishwasher detergent
    • 1 pack of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (must be this brand)
  •  FOOD
    • 2 boxes of cereal
    • 2 boxes of breakfast bars
    • 2 sets of 4 pudding cups
    • 3 cans of soup, ravioli, etc.
    • 2 boxes of juice boxes
    • 2 boxes of cake mix
    • 2 bags of chips/snacks
  •  OTHER
    • 1 hair brush
    • 4 travel size toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)
    • 2 toothbrushes

Intern with TABLE (non-dental)

Interns help with tasks like leading our volunteer shifts, working on family engagement projects, helping with our nutrition ed & food customization programs, potentially helping with food delivery (if you have a car) & helping generally keep our office tidy/with administrative tasks.

If you’re interested in applying, please email Abi at with a cover letter & resume by END OF NOVEMBER.

Learn more about TABLE at https://

Habitat for Humanity (non-dental)

DDS will have designated dates to work, points can only be earned if you participate in a DDS-sponsored Habitat build.  This information will be announced at meetings, in emails, and on this site under Events.  You can earn 1 non-dental point per hour.

Blood Drives (non-dental)

There are several blood drives held on campus throughout the semester.  Donating blood at one of these events will earn you a non-dental point.

Dental Articles (non-dental)

Struggling for points?  Remember that you can read and summarize two dental articles for one dental point each!